Updating xp like vista

25-Dec-2017 15:09

The sad fact is Windows Vista will be shipping with screensavers without the options to be configured, however they were originally designed to be customizable.Stephen Coy, the designer of these screensavers, tells me this feature might be available after Vista ships, perhaps in the form of a powertoy or service pack?Please do not use this in a work environment as it may cause instabilities. To return the screensavers to their original state, you would simply delete the registry values under the key related to the screensaver.This page describes the configuration and properties of a correctly set-up and working Windows XP – Windows Vista dual-boot.

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Released in 2009, Windows 7 is one of Microsoft's finest OS releases, right up there with Windows 95, 98 and XP. Though users can switch between the Start screen and a desktop view, the two UIs clashed and confused users.

Like how Windows 10 corrects most of the misguided design decisions of Windows 8, Windows 7 was the OS that cleaned up the mess that was Windows Vista. You can count me in the boat of users who hated Windows 8.

If you grew up on Windows, chances are you've developed habits. "I couldn't even figure out how to restart and shutdown [a Windows 8 PC]" says Sammie Lin, a graphic designer who switched from PC to Mac, and hasn't looked back.

If you're a gamer, Windows 10 is a very attractive update.

Not just because of the neat Xbox One-to-PC streaming features, but because the Direct X 12 graphics API, will be a Windows 10 exclusive.

On Windows 7, that setting is in the Start menu, a place users expect it to be. (In fairness, Microsoft added a power icon to the Start screen in Windows 8.1.) Now that the Start menu's back on Windows 10, the shutdown setting is right back where it belongs and as easy to access as in Windows 7.